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Recent Projects (2017)


Near Space Balloon Projects

Agnes Scott Balloon
2017 Eclipse Balloon

Large Millimeter-wave Telescope

Drive coupling stiffness improvements for M3 Mirror
System testing and improvements for M3 mirror drive system
Removable M4 mirror design
Analysis of characterization test data for M2 hexapod positioner
Production of SOW's for upgrades of telescope subsystems
Tuning of main axis control system improved tracking accuracy during mapping

Walking Robotics

Linkage-based Mammoth
General-Purpose Multi-legged Walking Test Device

Previous Projects

Vibration Isolation
Active vibration control
Pointing Characterization
Wind-induced pointing errors of the NRO 45m telescope
Wind-induced response of the Gemini South 8m telescope
KVN Telescopes
Giant Segmented Mirror Telescope